reading the city

potholes collecting lost love - The cracks.  There are so many cracks and uneven alignments in New York City’s streets the continuous decay combined with continuous construction, digging up holes, patching them back up, only to dig them up again the next week, and then the trees whose roots cannot be held captive under the cement and the ice and … Continue reading potholes collecting lost love
measuring time - (Ephemeral Readymade 15)
and the sky said to the ocean, I could be nothing without you - I learned a new word a few days ago, “porteño”. Basically, it means someone who lives in a port city....
puzzle factory - This is a space where I can be confused by the world, think hard about its mysteries, and work out how a myriad of reclaimed and seemingly random pieces could all fit together in some fashion that can make some kind of a sense. Because I know others are as flummoxed by existence as I … Continue reading puzzle factory
you were probably loved once - (Ephemeral Readymade 12)
ethics of place walk - Deer Jump Reservation, July 2019 The second walk in the Artist Walks (3) series created a context in which participating artists could consider the ethics of place, particularly the ethics of making a piece of art for a particular place. On this woodland walk, participating artists moved together starting at the Albert R. Retelle wetlands reservation, … Continue reading ethics of place walk
remember, the world is big - Remember — the world is big. You are very small, and yet you are of this world. The world calls you. You are not insignificant to it. As SU EN says, “everything is integrated in a dynamic balance.” Which contradictions, which tensions, which desires do you respond to? These choices — intentional or incidental — … Continue reading remember, the world is big