rooms of ethnographic practice

slow walk - Deer Jump Reservation, June 2019 The first walk in the Artist Walks (3) series was a play on the recent phenomenon of “Slow Art”, in which visitors to museums are encouraged to spend more than the average 17 seconds viewing a piece of art. By lingering with a single piece for longer periods of time, … Continue reading slow walk
ethics of place walk - Deer Jump Reservation, July 2019 The second walk in the Artist Walks (3) series created a context in which participating artists could consider the ethics of place, particularly the ethics of making a piece of art for a particular place. On this woodland walk, participating artists moved together starting at the Albert R. Retelle wetlands reservation, … Continue reading ethics of place walk
interdisciplinary walk - Deer Jump Reservation, August 2019 The third walk in the Artist Walks (3) series invited participating artists to share aspects of their own practices and ways in which their creative practice influence how they perceive, experience, and understand the world around them. At regular intervals along this woodland walk, participants were asked to share prompts … Continue reading interdisciplinary walk