131 questions

Recently, I was tidying up my library and I came across this stack of cards. These cards come from a time a few years back when I was working on a sustainability framework for a Lower Manhattan-based arts organization. Some of the questions likely came directly from Arup Foresight’s Drivers of Change card set and some from colleagues at the arts organization. While many of the questions are applicable to any one living on the planet or to urban dwellers generally, there are a few questions that seem specific to artists and cultural organizations working in cities.

I thought I might use the social media channels and share one question with the world daily, just to see what they churn up. So here goes: in random order, 131 questions for those of us working at the intersections of cities, culture and climate posted to @lostnotebook on instagram and twitter.


Citations, References and Reverberations:
Arup Foresight’s Drivers of Change (2009): http://www.driversofchange.com/tools/doc/

likely more to be added as we proceed through the next 131 days…