kaizen, a series of small epiphanies and process of renewal

Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I came across a recent reference to “kaizen”, it was something about Toyota’s internal business practices. The article and Wikipedia both define kaizen as the ‘continual improvement of a system via many small changes’. Incremental evolution. Persistent becoming.

And then Elon Musk, who counsels us in a recent article in Pionic, to return to First Principles in order to innovate. To identify and let go of our assumptions. To start with only the basic truths, fundamental elements. Nothing is old. Everything is new.

Returning to the beginner’s mind, to the body without intention. The body lets go of habits, behaviors, assumptions. It finds the body in a space of potential, rejoicing in moments of creation. It returns us to our own first principles. It allows us to renew and create.

But we must do this constantly, make tiny, small transformations continually. Otherwise we stagnate in a delusion of completeness. Revelations appear in the details. Creation is a work-in-progress.

The Essential Kabbalah, Daniel C Matt, HarperOne, p99