the whisperies

Those are the fields of inquiry that I think of immediately when I read that quote from DeLillo.

They are of a family for me in that they also, when you get deep enough into their practices of searching out inner consistencies, begin to understand that there is a wonder in the exceptions and imperfections.

They reveal the possibility for evolution. The changing nature of the balances. Too much symmetry is a closed system. Too perfect a harmony is inert. The mistake, the error, the inconsistent failure, perhaps this is where the gods really live.

But one can only get there via the arduous search for the consistent formulas of those mysteries and whisperies. 

Beauty for me lives in the visceral tension between complex perfection, balance & harmony, and the inconsistent potential for terminal failure.


P.S. Thanks to @rashaun.silas on instagram for the addition of cartography.